QSix’s highly experienced residential team focuses on delivering meaningful social impact combined with attractive financial risk-adjusted returns.  

The team has a strong performance track record of acquiring good quality assets at attractive pricing, with a focus on maximising outcomes.  

Our affordable housing strategies offer investors a secure and socially responsible investment with inflation-linked cashflows underpinned by solid supply and demand fundamentals:  

We will work with London’s Local Authorities (LA) to increase affordable housing supply and support low-income families. Our aim is to build a portfolio of good quality, affordable residential property leased to a London Local Authority (LA) owned procurement partner, to address their statutory homelessness obligations. Addressing homelessness through providing secure homes is a critical housing objective for London’s LAs. 

In April 2021 we launched a new housing business, Rezide aimed at increasing the supply and access to quality, family homes and deliver socially responsible, new-build housing available both for rent and Shared Ownership. This aims to provide more customers the chance to realise their aspiration of buying their own home. 

The affordable home ownership business will be supported by HMS QSix’s specialist, in-house asset servicing platform (authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority). 

For more information please contact: affordablehousing@qsix.com