QSix’s highly experienced residential team focuses on delivering meaningful social impact combined with attractive financial risk-adjusted returns. 

The team has a strong performance track record of acquiring good quality assets at attractive pricing, with a focus on maximising outcomes. 

We offer two affordable housing strategies, with the objective to offer investors a secure and socially responsible investment with inflation-linked cashflows underpinned by solid supply and demand fundamentals: 

Affordable rented housing 

This is focused on the acquisition and leasing of good quality, affordable homes to London Local Authorities to help them address their statutory homelessness obligations with rents set at no more than 90% of the Local Housing Allowance.  

Affordable home ownership 

This is focused on increasing the supply of homes for sale on an affordable basis.  It will create and manage high quality, new build, single family homes on behalf of investors seeking attractive risk-adjusted inflation-linked returns from diverse portfolios of housing. 

The affordable home ownership business will be supported by Hampton Mortgage Servicing (HMS), QSix’s specialist, in-house, FCA authorised asset servicing platform. 

For more information please contact: affordablehousing@qsix.com